Team cohesion as a unit

The best feeling for a project manager is when the team to become a single unit.  It is a finely tuned race car team; putting the disparity and blame behind it.  When the effort of the team is channeled in the correct direction and issues are focused in the right areas at the right time, the entire team can feel their efforts making a difference toward the finish line.  At that point, effective communication is the norm and the team supports every effort of the project.  This doesn’t happen without trust in the leadership of the project manager.

A PM can feel it when the team reaches this point.  In my experience, this doesn’t happen on very many projects.  However, it is such a good feeling when it does, and my goal is to improve my PM and leadership skills so all of my projects achieve this singular unity.  In this context ‘all’ may not be a reasonable goal, but if I’m not getting closer to this goal then I am moving away from it, which is unacceptable.

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