About Me

This site is dedicated to my philosophies on life, liberty and the pursuit of business excellence.

I am an accomplished IT professional with specific emphasis in project risk management, financial analysis, project controls, compliance, and change management. Extensive technical experience in infrastructure projects, application development, application support and infrastructure support including hardware, software, operating systems and networks. Proven leader with strong balance of analytic, intuitive and interpersonal skills, coupled with proven planning and execution capabilities. Demonstrated success managing multiple projects in a matrix environment and resolving complex problems in a timely manner.  Ability to grasp both strategic and tactical aspects of project objectives to increase productivity and reduce costs.  Respected for leadership, sound judgment, wide business perspective, and ability to inspire excellence.  Highly developed communications, negotiations, organizational and analytical skills. PMP Certification in progress.

My abilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Technology Management
  • IT / Business Liaison
  • Operational/Business Planning
  • Project / Program Management
  • System Design / Maintenance
  • Risk / Change Management
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Business Systems Planning
  • International Business
  • Clear / Effective Communication
  • Master Data Maintenance
  • Organizational & Staff Development

I enjoy watching auto races (a favorite past-time of my late father) so you may find references in my posts to race cars and, in particular, the racing teams.  A driver is a part of the team and he or she takes most of the glory, but it is the team which supports them that makes the difference in their race. In Formula 1 and Indy Racing League, managing the entire team is one of the most technologically advanced and challenging projects to manage. For the racing team, fractions of seconds matter and poor decisions are met with swift consequences and often take many perfect decisions to make up the difference. To watch the team work in harmony is to see project management at its finest.